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Training The World’s Toughest Police Dogs | BIG DOGZ

SUBSCRIBE to Beastly: http://bit.ly/2ceCJY0 OKLAHOMA-based company, Torchlight K-9 has been training super agile Belgian Malinois dogs for the US police …


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  1. Ryan & Nicole Bufford
    7th April 2020

    Nice hat!

  2. Ronnie Frutschi
    7th April 2020

    Wow sadistic as it’s best. Let’s teach them to attract humans

  3. Ronnie Frutschi
    7th April 2020

    Wow the minds of sickness

  4. Claws and Paws
    7th April 2020

    If you were interested in being a k9 handler, what opportunities would better your chances of entering the unit that you could do as young as 16+? I know that volunteer work is recommended, like helping at a shelter, but is there anything else that could help?

  5. maruša snedic
    7th April 2020

    i need this dog 🥰😁

  6. Sangeetha Tejesh
    7th April 2020


  7. orian chambon
    7th April 2020

    Isn't that turning some dogs into weapons? It doesn t feel right

  8. Chaosvendizz
    7th April 2020

    How do I get it to even attempt

  9. SkyHavenn
    7th April 2020

    K9 officers should experience a bite from one so they realize the amount of pain a person goes through once they get bit

  10. Treyvon Daily
    7th April 2020

    Have these dogs met hulk?

  11. Aussie 1968
    7th April 2020

    I get that you are hesitant in using the term "aggressive"..
    But for me – it is simple; If the bad guy didn't run, attack, have a weapon, hide etc… etc… then the dog squad would not be called in. So, for the reason as stated (for example); Officer Doggo needs to be aggressive – although I prefer to call it "fearless".
    No point training a Dog with a sweet nature/disposition – unless you also want to be organizing their funeral!! Just saying….

  12. Teresa Rowe
    7th April 2020

    Awe the little pups!!! ❤️

  13. Teresa Rowe
    7th April 2020

    You should make sure a dog is balanced before doing any kind of work like this with ANY dog

  14. Average Joe78
    7th April 2020

    I want one that eats people's faces off, how much for that?
    JK😆 nice dogs

  15. Cars Channel
    7th April 2020

    if you want to know How to train your dogs well sent to me on this mail…abodevo121@gmail.com

  16. Lance Gaming30
    7th April 2020

    I want to be a dog k9 trainer now because it feels so good when the dog is doing what you want to do

  17. United we are
    7th April 2020

    Imagine the fear on the face of the guy who's wearing protective suit for letting dog bite him

  18. United we are
    7th April 2020

    They're torturing them

  19. 410 BENCH
    7th April 2020

    My dream job ! Is to run a K9 facility like this . Awesome stuff !

  20. Joe Mcdaniel
    7th April 2020

    And the technology we have today is better than the dogs that is your opinion have u watched CNN technology is truly better than dogs u get to slave dogs for a living I hope y'all go to hell

  21. Joe Mcdaniel
    7th April 2020

    U don't need to clear a structure with a dog be a man and buy a gun and leave ya dogs at home

  22. Jimmy Wilson
    7th April 2020

    Great Trainers

  23. Shody Larkins
    7th April 2020

    Aww so cute! Wish it would have shown the puppy scene a little longer!

  24. 311 Jazzy
    7th April 2020

    They look a bit like German Shepherd dogs.

  25. 311 Jazzy
    7th April 2020

    Great video.

  26. InfusedSediment
    7th April 2020

    Reminds me of my Mali-dutchie.

  27. Extrovert
    7th April 2020

    I have a dog just like this 😂😂 he is dumb as a rock I’m jp he knows sit, growl ,get em and anger and play dead……Those dogs are so smart like but my dog is 2 years old I think

  28. Margaret Meaker
    7th April 2020

    Wicked laugh at about 7 mins


  29. Cristobal Marquez
    7th April 2020

    Mi workin in México. Traning drogs profecion…..25 years real in police. Hii tichets

  30. Joseph Francisco
    7th April 2020

    imagine trying to runaway from that beast breed of a dog😂😂dude my life would be flashing before my eyes before i tried petting it

  31. Martial Artist
    7th April 2020

    I'm a handler in California and Dutch Shepherd is hands down the best K9. The bite alone is a lot harder than the Mal.

  32. Dull ink
    7th April 2020

    Can a dog Transit hiv from one person they bite to another person .? I know they can't get hiv but…….

  33. Jay Bisser
    7th April 2020

    I'm the guy over here that is a little obedience trainer watching these guys live my dream. Maybe one day I'll be able to atleast get into protection training. The only step up from obedience with my company is gun dog training, and I just don't have the drive for that.

  34. Connor Reid
    7th April 2020

    What is said at 5:42 ?

  35. A Nom
    7th April 2020

    Important question to ask. Does involving too much obedience hinder the K9’s drive? Especially regarding scent detection single purpose K9. Thanks.

  36. Mike Callihan
    7th April 2020

    I want to get into training LEO K9s. Contact me.

  37. Rory Kilmartin
    7th April 2020


  38. kretles
    7th April 2020

    I love the look on the guys face who is being a decoy sitting in. The car at 3:07, HES like damn why couldn’t I have sold insurance.

  39. RoseRY901 Thet
    7th April 2020

    When is croc man next episode is coming😕

  40. Torchlight K9
    7th April 2020

    Thank you all for the great comments!! We really appreciate it! We love what we get to do everyday!!

  41. Zb15
    7th April 2020

    What type of dogs do y’all have

  42. Zion Fernander
    7th April 2020

    Personally I prefer ddk9 dogs 🐶🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  43. William Karejärvi
    7th April 2020

    I stick with my golden retriever.

  44. KateLynn Osborn
    7th April 2020

    I wish I could do something like this with my dog.

  45. Ryan Murphy
    7th April 2020

    No Shepherds 😰

  46. Ruth Williams
    7th April 2020

    That malinois looks like a German Shepherd cause of its light colour

  47. Army Animal Nerd MyDays
    7th April 2020

    Belgian malinois are completely capable of being taught to heel and to ignore their prey drive urges. They need a very exspericed handler who knows what they're doing, while watching this video of them training most of these dogs to only act on their prey drive and attack and lunge really concerns me.

    These dogs that are being trained like this will attack their new owner no matter if they're slowly introduced to eachother, these dogs will attack a civilian especially if that civilian is over weight. These "trained" dogs are trained to be dangerous and aggressive. Keeping such a high energy dog that needs a exstream amount of stimulation in a kennel is screaming inexspericed. These people don't need to be training these type of dogs.

    If you want know or watch someone who did train their belgian malinois correctly with exsperice here's a link https://youtu.be/ZASE-ZCxJ0U

  48. Kim Hogan
    7th April 2020

    THIS IS WHAT REAL DOG TRAINING IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE! This is where I trained at for a couple years at Man's Best Friend in Houston:


  49. Alpine K9 Hans
    7th April 2020

    You teach the dogs to bite? I thought that all dogs know how to do that.

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