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  1. Gagan Jain
    7th April 2020

    I am a new puppy owner. With zero knowledge about how and when.
    I really need your help as after I watch your videos .I find out you really are a genius expert on dogs and training

    I got a lot of basic questions to ask..
    Please let me know if you can help me. and what it takes for such

  2. Chatterjee Collabs
    7th April 2020

    Which breed is that little baby of

  3. Mitch Hoch
    7th April 2020

    Lets get more Frisbie work like a level 2 video would be nice !!

  4. Arc Kocsog
    7th April 2020

    What a sweet dog!

  5. Joseph Jordan
    7th April 2020

    "Minutes to train," oh it'll only take me several months?

  6. Big Jim Flying
    7th April 2020

    Im watching this with my 6 month old GSD laying beside me. Of course she's not watching, but farting. lol

  7. Preethi Poovaiah
    7th April 2020

    I'm crying as i write this …. but felt this was the best place .. I just lost my husky puppy – Zia… this morning … she was well .. even last night we played an she had a good night … got uop this morning and was ever so energetic as usual … she had a couple of mouths of her kibble and then just collapsed …. i rushed her to the doc but she died on the table while they were trying to resisitate her
    They said there was no obstruction in the airways and didnt know why she didnt make it … just before she breathed her last she bled from her mouth and nose
    The doc said it could be a massive cardiac arrest …. for a puppy … thats just harsh… please please help me get closure

  8. Géraldine Babin
    7th April 2020

    Very helpful!

  9. Yordan Stanchev
    7th April 2020

    Love you

  10. Norah Murdaa
    7th April 2020

    Can you come train my dog. Lol he's a mess

  11. jiv wan
    7th April 2020

    Sir what you feeding while. Teaching?
    I m abit confused with how am i going to train 5-6 months golden retriever..

  12. James Dold
    7th April 2020

    What kind of lead do you use, and where did you get it at? I’m looking for a good quality lead, love your videos!

  13. Bex Wolfe
    7th April 2020

    id like to teach the staying when the doof is left open to my dog, however as soon as he is harnessed up and leashed he knows we are going out the front door. I fell as though it will make this very difficult

  14. Scott Silva
    7th April 2020

    This is my biggest problem with my dog. I need to do a better job at this. Thanks for the video Zak! Inertia's doing an amazing job. What's the brand of the long training leash? Looks like it's a wide leash, 1-inch?

  15. Steven Petouvis
    7th April 2020

    Zak…Can. You tell me the make of the harness? I’m still looking for a secure one. Thanks.

  16. tasha mason
    7th April 2020

    She is coming along great. Who said it was easy to train a dog lol

  17. obey the ssquid
    7th April 2020

    I recently lost a dog in the road. This video is very helpful, I’ll train my other dogs with this method asap

  18. G Wiz
    7th April 2020

    can you do a pitbull puppy training

  19. Rafael Vasilj
    7th April 2020

    Hi Zak I just wanna ask you something about my dog Zak is it good to leave your dog with grandma or cousin while i go on vacation if i can't take him with me?

  20. Belovedishername
    7th April 2020

    (((((( HELP ZAK )))))))
    I got a new puppy (mini golden-doodle) a week ago. He absolutely won’t wee-wee & poo poo outside. Being quarantined here in Ny, I’m able to walk him four times a day. He just refuses to go. He enjoys outside time but if he goes at least once, I’m lucky. Once we come back in, this is when he pees. I’m patient, but geeez, I’m starting to loose my enthusiasm and will soon just leave all walking responsibilities to my fiancé.🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Adam Stewart
    7th April 2020

    Zak I have a border collie and he’s 4 now but when he was 1 he chewed an electrical cord and got electrocuted in his mouth and ever since he’s been really sporadic and hard to train and he will bite if I try to take something away from him and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if he’s suffered a brain injury or anything and I don’t know if he’s trainable anymore.

  22. Mayuri Pachora
    7th April 2020

    Hello zak George!! I'm from INDIA and I need your help for my 45 days old lebrador puppy. Actually today was its vaccine day and the vet inject vaccine in both of its leg after coming to home my dog is limping badly. Kindly tell what should I do .😑😑

  23. Breaking Brad
    7th April 2020

    Too many hand movents. My german shepherd would probably remove one of those hands.

  24. claudia romero
    7th April 2020

    hey may i ask u something

  25. Lisa Ussery
    7th April 2020

    Wonderful video! My 10 week old Golden came running when she heard that chicken!! Where did you find it?
    Also, we have been practicing stay and your suggestions have been perfect – thank you.

  26. Ben A
    7th April 2020

    So I am getting a puppy next week and am wondering if an invisible fence is a good idea. I want to make sure it does not hurt him. If anybody has any info let me know. Thank you.

  27. Leti and Paul Miller
    7th April 2020

    Hey there, we are reaching out to you as new owners of two, twelve week old, Chihuahua puppies. We have had our dogs for four weeks now. One of them is always excited and wanting to play. He is super fun and extremely loving toward us. The only issue when him, is that he is extremely needy. He cries unless he is around us constantly. He does not like to be left alone, at all. He will cry and cry and cry non stop until you attend to him or until you leave the house. How can we reduce the crying when we are not attending to the dog’s needs? His little brother is a totally different ’ball of wax’. Baby brother is more of a loner. Sure he likes to be loved too but not constantly. He is fine on his own or he is fine with us (and he too is super fun when he is with us) or he is fine with his brother. He is a slower learner which is okay but our issue with him is that he cries ’like his leg is broken’ whenever you try to pick him up. He gets unnecessary nervous and is very timid just when being picked up, again, yelping ’like his leg is broken’, just because he does not want to be removed from wherever he currently is. Once he is picked up he is fine and he acts as if his drama about being moved was no big deal. Baby brother will sometimes try to bite us in order to remain in his current position. This is our main concern!! Can you help? Any advice, on either scenario, to reduce the anxiety for our two little ones would be much appreciated. We are hoping you have some good ideas. Thank you and good day.

  28. Pranay Chowdary
    7th April 2020


  29. Arjun Baiju
    7th April 2020

    My friend s dog bite every one even his owners and it is very hard to walk him because if anyone comes close to him he will lounch at it and his mother got biten 3 times intently and had been in the hospital when he know he she is not around he will be very sad
    He did not bite people when they bring them food to eat and also they can put hand in it and he will not do anything but now he again bite his mother while feeding him
    what should they do

    His mother bought the dog and she does everything for the dog no matter what she is very ubset now

  30. Anthony Chahla
    7th April 2020

    can you help me with something please?

  31. Lily Gee
    7th April 2020

    Awww she has got so big!!

  32. Mystee Pulcine
    7th April 2020

    Train a Malinois next! https://i.imgur.com/tC6PBhE.gifv

  33. Scarlett NightStar
    7th April 2020

    Hello! I was wondering if I could possibly get some advice from this community? I repeatedly take my puppy out every day at set intervals of 1hr 15 mins and if she dosnt go potty the first time I put her back in her crate and watch her closely for 10-15 mins before taking her back out again. The problem I'm faced with is that she doesn't see her crate at her "home" I guess… she willingly sleeps in it during day naps and just normal sleep at night but she dosnt hesitate to potty in her crate ( her crate is reasonably sized to her as suggested so she just ends up laying in her potty mess #1 or #2… or both) and when I do catch her in the act after I have brought her back in I will say no semi-loudly causing her to stop and rush her outside to do her business but she wont go no matter how long I wait (on leash or off leash, I have tried both over a decent period of time each) so I take her back inside and she goes back in her crate and the cycle continues until I finally miss the moment and she manages to potty all over her crate before i get to her… I'm so confused on what to do about her as I have never had this issue with any of the other dogs I have raised before and cant seem to find anyone else that has had this problem before. I have checked with her regular vet and they kept her overnight once to see if she had any urination or defecation issues and she checked out fine. If any of you know what might be going on I would really appreciate any advice! Thank you!

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