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Home Blog Videos Dog Toy Reviews Is Kong KING of dog toys? - Dog Toy Reviews | Kong Traxx

Is Kong KING of dog toys? – Dog Toy Reviews | Kong Traxx

This week’s dog toy review we’re testing our first Kong dog toy and this one is shaping up to be one of the best! If you liked the video, be sure to SUBSCRIBE and …


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  1. Bryan Cass
    7th April 2020

    Thank you for the video. What size Purina DentaLife Dog Treats do you buy to put in the medium/large kong tire?

  2. Paulo Gomes
    7th April 2020

    Doesn't last that long with a 120lb Rottweiler

  3. Christi Solsberry
    7th April 2020

    Kong is king

  4. BirdsandTerriers
    7th April 2020

    Great video and dogs! This Kong tire toy comes in small and med/large. I'm trying to decide what size would be best for my dog, and I like the size you reviewed. What size is it?

  5. Ana Larson
    7th April 2020

    Our dog loves all the kong toys, even that weeble/wobble one, it is fun to bounce and also just hold in the mouth while pushing and herding another kong ball. Our pup will also fetch it with the Kong Frisbee in her mouth then drop it in a bucket. I love how they can go through the dishwasher too, just great kong toys. Good video, you dog is a pip 🙂

  6. BoneGap
    7th April 2020

    I find the kong extreme ball is good and lasting. Because it's a ball they can't get a good grip on it so they have to work harder. I bought the extreme because he chewed through a puppy one well he was only 12 weeks

  7. Bill MacFeat
    7th April 2020

    I will buy this and post results from my dog who's killed every Kong toy made yet, in minutes no less, so to think it would last forever? I will be shooting a video soon.. Please see my last post to see what she did to the indestructible Kong Ball 😉

  8. 500th subber happy 500th dude

  9. Row Flow
    7th April 2020

    Since it smells like an autozone *deep breath*….I'm bumping this toy up to a five

    MADE MY DAYYY✌︎('ω'✌︎ )

  10. Rex.Str0ng
    7th April 2020

    lol, your dog is so funny
    Great review:)

  11. Matt Garv
    7th April 2020

    great video love your dog and just subscribed

  12. Beangelica
    7th April 2020

    You should try Kong squeeze next

  13. Daily Bark
    7th April 2020

    Excellent video! If my girl Lucky was still around this would have been a good one for her since she, in her 16 years, destroyed every "indestructible" toy she ever got. Story is such a sweetie! Looking forward to more videos!

  14. Lennydotdotdot
    7th April 2020

    Your singing isn't bad at all! Just be a little more confident. You don't have to belt it but don't feel like you have to whisper either.

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