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    7th April 2020

    Hi Clay
    Great positive to think of the game animals that will get a little less pressure to breed and mature , Hopefully the same will happen with the fish.
    Over here in the UK. Sea Bass quota for recreational fishermen has gone up to two fish from one a day March to November this year minimum size is 41 cm Hopefully when this lock down ends the average size will be better as not many will be caught in the next couple of months or more.
    Stay safe buddy

  2. Dan K
    7th April 2020

    A sneaky fish isn't going to hurt anybody

  3. larky89
    7th April 2020

    We shall see.

  4. Lincoln Pennell
    7th April 2020

    What breed is your pup clay

  5. Rio Still NZ
    7th April 2020

    I read somewhere that fish and game dont want us to go hunting but nz first do want us to go and something about you can go on private land

  6. iain*
    7th April 2020

    Great upload clay mate bet bruno did some chomping and chewing on the venison 😲

  7. luke duke
    7th April 2020

    clay can you explain to us what demonezation is about and why its done

  8. Kameron .W
    7th April 2020

    Thanks for the videos mate

  9. James Harris
    7th April 2020

    Yay Bigsey

  10. keith dickson
    7th April 2020

    The next Bruno

  11. rickrolfe
    7th April 2020

    Good looking pup, looks a lot like bob.

  12. Robbie Caruso
    7th April 2020

    I’d just eat the sheep and say it’s rent ok back to the video 😊

  13. Leo-Nee
    7th April 2020

    Awwwe bummer bout the meat 😱. But yea, those sheep look mighty tasty. And you are allowed to go shore fishing as long as you practice social distancing. Saw it on a far north post this morning. The poster called the officials & that’s what they told him 👍

  14. jessepitt
    7th April 2020

    Man! My day started just as bad as yours! I have twenty some hens, five of which had just hatched chicks. They all live in the barn in their own room that has an automatic light sensor door. The new chicks were having trouble getting over the high step of the door so I have been opening the big main doors in the morning for them and closing them at night. Last night I forgot to close the main doors which left the coop exposed to predators. A raccoon went in and killed three hens who were nested on their chicks. Three chicks also died from exposure because it was 23f here. The only fortunate part was that a lot of chicks managed to find refuge under other hens. Also one of the hens that was killed only had her head taken off so I salvaged the meat for dog food. I will be spending the night in the barn with my shotgun tonight. It was my fault but now that they know the chickens are here they will be relentless.

  15. Antipodean33
    7th April 2020

    If you know there will be no help coming then surely you, as a grown adult, you can decide for yourself. We don't need governments telling adults what risks they can or can't take. We aren't fekn' children

  16. Ryan
    7th April 2020

    another cool vid dudes

  17. Antipodean33
    7th April 2020

    What is the reasoning behind banning hunting? You can still go to the shops I assume, so is this just another test by the government on the people, to see how much the government can get away with?

  18. Stanley Shelby
    7th April 2020

    Sorry about your loss of venison. Bruno will have a rich aroma to his flatulence for the next few days…lol.

  19. Reagan Gilmer
    7th April 2020

    Hi clay I moved temporarily to a place called otautau it's neer invacargil and now I'm stuck here and I can't afford food what should I do?

  20. Sean Soon
    7th April 2020

    bigsy is a good boy!

  21. Hitmanharding 007
    7th April 2020

    God bless from my family in uk we are locked down but not out by any stretch put two sea bass and a three rabbits in the freezer today I’m gonna go smash some wood pigeons at first light before they completely lock us off too god bless brother my prayers are with you tonight

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